Kitchens by Chapdelaine

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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

We are a full-service turn-key business with a designer and project manager who work closely with clientele from the initial phases of design through the various phases of construction.  As a design-build firm we address aesthetic, functional as well as structural, plumbing and electrical. The designer works closely with the clientele to meet and sometimes help the client establish their priorities and desires for their renovation.  Working in tandem with the designer, our project manager looks at the feasibility of design proposals with regard to the existing infrastructure.  The process tends to be a dance between form and function as well as the meeting of budgetary needs, a process which can vary from just a few weeks to more typically a few months and sometimes much longer depending on the project scope.  We enjoy the process of working together with our clients to find optimal solutions. We revise and re-visit possibilities until all of the project requirements have been met and the client is pleased and excited to move forward with construction.